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Radio as a Service

Radio as a Service is a cloud based IP technology offering VoIP two-way radio communication over a Wide Area utilising multiple types of data networks.

The advantages of the ToooAir Cloud Radio as a Service is that two-way radio communication can simply be deployed in a local area e.g. a single site business or Australia wide (e.g. Sydney to Perth) with no additional change cost in infrastructure.

The ToooAir Cloud Radio as a Service solution is simply an Australia wide One-to-One or One-to-Many two-way radio system utilising Data and GPS Technologies. Due to the use of these technologies, in-building coverage is superior to most conventional radio networks and offers in tunnel and basement communications as well as the following features,
  • Real time and Historical GPS tracking
  • Voice Recording both local and cloud based
  • Man down service with reporting
  • Programmable Function keys
  • STUN function if the radio is stolen
  • Over the Air programming of Radios

1.44 TFT display with 128x128 pixels and 65K colours
9 keys on front, 3 keys on side, easy operation
Keys can be programmed with different functions
Instant private calling can be set
Dispatching Console Information display
LED flashlight
Extended talk time with large capacity battery
GPS function (optional)
TA-388 Image


Voice Recording Image
Voice recording
All communication is recorded on the platform and available for instant reply.
Private Calls Image
Private calls
Private calls can be made by choosing the required radio ID.
Global Positioning Image
Global Positioning System
The TA-388 offers GPS tracking via the dispatch station software, showing speed, distance travelled and time.
Dispatcher Image
The platform offers dispatcher software that allows the customer to be in control of their own network.
Group Calls Image
Group calls
Group calls can be made by choosing the required radio IDs.
Send Message Image
Send messages
The operator can send instant voice and text messages to a radio. All sent messages are recorded on the server.
Unlimited Coverage Image
Unlimited coverage
Utilising existing GSM networks, the TA-388 offers wide area coverage.
In Building Reception Image
In building reception
Utilising GSM, the spectrum allows for enhanced reception.
Stun Function Image
Stun function
The operator can stun a radio should the radio be stolen or abused. The radio can be reactivated by the controller.